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Show up as

the most authentic you

Get out of your own way
Meet Deanna

Actress, Writer, Director, Producer, Coach, Co-parent

Well, hello there! Let's take a scroll. 


I'm truly so grateful to have been working as an actor for over twenty years. From commercial background to network series regular, I've gotten to play on all kinds of sets and work in all sorts of genres. Most importantly, I've seen all kinds of auditions and have been coached by the best.


I don't advertise so if you've landed here, it's because a lovely human thought I could be of service to you. I'm so happy to learn how. 

Our Goal Together

Auditions can mess with your head. 


And self-tapes?


Those can put a lot of strain on the sweet soul who agreed to be your reader. 

Fortunately for you, I have an entire toolbox of tricks to share.

Auditions aren't ever for that one particular role.

They're for your legacy. 



The more consistently you show up as your best self,


the better you are able to invite the ~right~ part for you


So let's run some lines and play.


All appointments are virtual.


30 minutes


60 minutes


Recording is optional.

It's your time! Use it how best suits you.

Work session or self-tape, same price.

Not sure how much time you'll need?

Shoot me an message.


"I don’t audition very often, it is not at all my comfort zone. I asked Deanna to help me with my self tape, and she coached me through it. I never expect to book anything, but I booked that part just from the self-tape!"

Rebecca Drysdale
Arrested Development
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.59.10 PM.png

"Deanna is a true pro! I had a challenging scene to film while shooting Love and she worked with me and got me prepared. We explored character choices and thoroughly broke down the scene. I went in feeling confident and ready to go! I’d recommend Deanna to any actor that’s trying to make themselves better." 

The Tomorrow War
Mike Mitchell
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 2.00.22 PM.png

“I was feeling ‘stuck’ while studying for a massive self tape… after working with Deanna, I was able to bring strong choices and authenticity to my character. She was tactical in her approach." 

Kevin Tran
The Greatest Beer Run Ever
Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 1.56.28 PM.png

“Deanna is an absolute joy to work with! Her attention to detail, right down to the shoes I wore and how it’ll influence my character, is incredible. She’s very reassuring and makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and work the scene without judgement. Would highly recommend!!”

Alana Johnston
The Birthday Boys

"Dee Russo coached me for a network test audition. She was such a great coach...warm, supportive, and really smart about the material. I felt way more prepared in that very high pressure audition situation, than I would have without her. She is such a wonderful actor, and all around wonderful person. I cannot recommend her enough."

Andrea Rosen
Let’s keep talking

Thanks for reaching out!

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